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FFA Chapter T-Shirt Design Contest

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The 2005 Winners have been announced.


Enter now for 2006 - 2007

The chapters of each of the winning shirt designs will be given 50 percent of the profits for the first year's sales. This is a great way to raise money for your chapter, so keep an eye out for next year’s contest.

Submissions must be postmarked by March 15, 2005.

Congratulations 2005 T-Shirt Contest Winners

FFA received and judged more than 350 designs! Six T-Shirts will be sold in the 2005-2006 Blue catalog and online at FFAUnlimited. These chapters will earn 50% of the gross profits on the catalog and internet sales for one year. Be on the lookout for details about next year's content.

Chapter Name/State T-Shirt Name

T-Shirt Design

Troy FFA - Missouri

Blue & Gold Outfitters. 100% heavyweight cotton, gold short-sleeve tee with "Blue & Gold Outfitters" center front design. Sizes S - XXL $15.00


Order Online at FFA Unlimited


Wall Lake View Auburn FFA - Iowa

Rightside Up or Upside Down. 100% heavyweight cotton navy short-sleeve tee with "FFA -Rightside Up or Upside Down" center front design and "No matter how you look at us, we're always going in the right direction" back design. Sizes S - XXL $15.00

Order Online at FFA Unlimited


New Berlin FFA - Illinois

Who You Call'n Farmer? 100% heavyweight cotton, heather grey short-sleeve tee with "Who You Call'n Farmer?" center front design and full back list of FFA careers. Sizes S - XXL $15.00

Order Online at FFA Unlimited

What Does FFA Stand For

Middleburg FFA - Florida

Can You See Me Now? 100% heavyweight camouflage short-sleeve tee with front pocket with FFA left chest design and full back "Can You See Me Now? Good!!" design. Sizes S - XXL $15.00

Order Online at FFA Unlimited

Five Ways

Brevard FFA - North Carolina

From the Farm to the Fork. 100% heavyweight cotton, black short-sleeve tee with "from the farm.." center front design and "to the fork!!!" full back design. Sizes S - XXL $15.00

Order Online at FFA Unlimited


Georgia FFA Alumni

FFA is Dynamite. 100% heavyweight cotton, white short-sleeve tee with left chest "FFA - Where Your Wildest Dreams Come True!" design and full back "Flippin Sweet! FFA is Dynamite" design. Size S - XXL $15.00

Order Online at FFA Unlimited


FFA Chapter T-Shirt Design Contest Winners and Earnings

These shirts are no longer available for purchase.
Chapter Name/State
2004-2005 Winners and Earnings  
Georgia FFA Alumni - Georgia
"Agriculture" design
Flagler FFA - Colorado
"Caution....Contains Unusually High Levels of Excellence"
East Troy FFA - Wisconsin
"What does FFA Stand For?...."
Dyersburg FFA - Tennessee
"Five Ways to Tell You Are an FFA Member"
Krum FFA - Texas
"Got FFA"
Northeast Dubois FFA - Indiana
"It's Only the Beginning"
2003- 2004 Winners and Earnings  
Wellington FFA - Ohio
"75 Years"
Farmington FFA - Minnesota
Belleville FFA - Kansas
David Crockett FFA - Tennesse
North Carolina State University -
North Carolina
"Where would you be without Ag?"
2002-2003 Winners and Earnings  
Mattabeset FFA, Connecticut
"Building Blocks of Success"
Sutton FFA, Nebraska
"Got Blue"
Cass FFA Georgia
"Field of Dreams"
New Glarus FFA Wisconsin
"Leaders at Work"
Meatacalfe C. Middle Jr. High FFA,
"FFA Survivor"
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